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Apex SUP Stand-Up Paddle Board Dolly Stand
Stand-up paddling is a very popular outdoors activity. It is fun and provides the rider lots of exercise, coordination and balance.
To support the growing leisure sport many manufacturers have leveraged on paddle board accessories. Some of the accessories are innovative and ideal for paddleboard enthusiasts.
Some are built for safety, enhanced enjoyment and better navigation. There are lots of accessories specifically produced for paddleboards so you need solid information before purchasing any item.
We have gathered some paddleboard accessories we like based on our own metrics, popular reviews and price.
 SUP Padded Carrier/Storage Strap. The strap is so simple it boarders on genius. It is highly adjustable and works with different paddleboards. It has a triple padded shoulder pad made from neoprene. Other features are removable drawstring bag, 2 industrial strength Velcro straps and 100 money back guarantee.

COR Board Racks Standup Paddleboard Ceiling Rack. The simple design allow quick installation and mounting. It is produced from galvaniset steel, weather resistant and 190 bend. It convinently stores 2 paddleboards creating room in storage area. can accommodate different length, height paddleboards.
 Earth Rive SUP Tie Down Strap. The strap is applicable to paddleboards, kayaks, surfboards and canoes. The strap has a sewn-in elastic band and strong enough to secure loads weighing 200ibs. It provides high performance and has a unique molded cushion to protect paddle boards.
Storm Premium SUP Leash. The Storm premium leash is waterproof and has neoprene  padding. No leash drag, best quality coiled SUP. It has double stainless steel swivels and state of art triple wrap rail saver. Orders come with a free water wallet.
ONYX MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest.  A life vest is an essential item on water. It does not mater if you are a fantastic swimmer you need such gear for safety. Some waterways have strong underwater currents so prevention of accidents is important. this vest conforms to you body shape like a glove
O'Neill Wetsuits UV Sun Protection Womens Basic Skins Short Sleeve Crew Sun Shirt Rash Guard. This wetsuit comes in over 15 colors. It is made from polyester and has short sleeve rashguard. It has 4-way stretch, UPF 50 protection and UV protection.
SurfStow Supglo Underwater Light. It has 3M self-adhesive landing pad, tether system and submersible to 20 meters.  Others features are superbright 5 function LED lighting and easily attached with heavy duty suction cup.
DockLocks SUP and Surf Board Lock. •  If your board has a recessed leash plug clamp the jaws around the leash plug bar.
 Are you without a leash plug-then  install the included cleat in your Fin Plate (Fin Box).  Then clamp jaws onto the cleat and thread the cable through the cable ring on top of the jaws.
Wrap 10' coated steel-wire cable around a secure object. Then insert the end in the four-number combination lock spool. Then Lock the cable to a roof rack, park bench, bike rack, lamp post, etc.
Bice Sports SUP Deck Bag One Size Fits All. It offers secure storage of SUP and easily attaches to SUP.It comes with an attachment kit and has zippered storage.
SurfStow 50010 SUP Yoga Gear, Stand Up Paddleboard Ancor

Stand-up paddleboards emanated from surfing a sport native to Hawaiians culture and traditions.
Tradition surfing involves paddling out and waiting for wave before the rider stands and rides the wave. Stand-up paddleboard activity requires the rider to stand up and paddle for proportion.
Stand-up paddleboard is a very popular outdoors activity in America and Europe. There are different variation of paddling such as canal paddling, rivers and lakes.
Others involve fitness, yoga, racing and sightseeing activities. Traditional paddling boards accommodate only kneeling and there are also lots of unique SUP Accessories
The outdoor foundation listed paddle boarding as the most popular sport in 2013. Paddleboards are generally constructed from different materials.
Some are made from polyester, glass reinforced plastic or epoxy resin. Manufacturers add expanded polyester foam to construct the core of the board.
The length differs from 7 feet, 9 feet 12 feet 14 feet depending on the manufacturer’s specification. In United States of America there are no regulations for the use of the equipment.
To propel the paddleboard a rider needs a paddle of correct dimensions. A good way to measure the correct paddle should be based on the person’s height. Ideally if the paddle is 10 inches above your height you are good to go.

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 11' Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board (6" Thick) iSUP Package |

Includes Adjustable Travel Paddle, Carrying Bag, Pump
This board has an AIRTECH CONSTRUCTION - 11’ x 32” x 6”. The Board weight: 19.1 Lbs and supports Riders up to 275 lbs.
You get 30 days guarantee + 1 year warranty on materials. Risk free returns within 30 days.
Other features are ULTRA DURABLE - Constructed with Military Grade PVC and 6” thick. No more dings or damage GREAT FOR ADVENTURE – Extra gear storage for those who like to paddle off the beaten path.
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ISLE Versa Epoxy 10'5 Standup Paddle Board (4.5" Thick) SUP Package |

Includes Adjustable Paddle Carbon Shaft Nylon Blade, Carry Handle, Center Fin
INCLUDES ACCESSORY BUNDLE – Adjustable Paddle (Carbon Shaft and Nylon Blade) and Fin
30 DAY GUARANTEE + 180 DAY WARRANTY ON MATERIALS - Risk free returns within 30 days
EASY TO TRANSPORT- Comfort groove carry handle makes this stand up easy to transport 10’5” x 32” x 4.5”
All around shape perfect for beginner, intermediate riders on flat water and small waves
ULTRA DURABLE - EPS/Epoxy Technology creates an epoxy board that’s both lightweight and strong
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ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10' All Around Stand Up Paddle Board (6" Thick) iSUP Package

 Includes Adjustable Travel Paddle, Carrying Bag, Pump
30 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS – Risk free returns within 30 days.
INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Paddle, Carry backpack, High pressure pump • 
ALL AROUND DESIGN – Ultimate stability in flat-water and small waves and Great for all skill levels
ULTRA DURABLE - Constructed with Military Grade PVC | 6” thick - No more dings or damage
AIRTECH CONSTRUCTION - 10’ x 31” x 6” | Board Weight 17.5 Lbs. | Supports riders up to 240 lbs.
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ISLE Airtech 12-Feet 6-Inches Touring Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board with Paddle and Bag (Board Weight - 20.5 lbs) Supports up to 275 Pounds

INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Paddle, Carry Backpack, High pressure pump 
STABILITY FOR FITNESS - Wide nose and tail outline offers a stable platform for SUP Yoga
ULTRA DURABLE - Constructed with Military Grade PVC | 6” Thick - No more dings or damage 30 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS – Risk Free Returns within 30 Days AIRTECH CONSTRUCTION - 12’6” x 30” x 6” | Board Weight: 20.5 lbs. | Supports riders up to 275 lbs.View on Amazon

Driftsun SUP Inflatable 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Package. Everything Included: Board, Fins, Paddle, Pump and Carry Backpack

DURABLE: Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Never worry about digs or cracks again.
EASE OF USE: Inflates and Deflates in less than 5 minutes. Complete package weighs only 28 lbs. Board itself weighs 23.5 lbs.
RIGID CONSTRUCTION: Can hold up to 350 pounds. When fully inflated the board feels like your standard non-inflatable paddleboard but much lighter.
PORTABLE: When deflated and rolled up this SUP paddleboard is 1 foot in diameter by 35 inches. Easily stores and transports in carry backpack. When inflated is 10 FT long and 30 inches wide.
PACKAGE: Total kit includes a front bungee for storage, Carrying handles on the nose and tail, Backpack for transportation, Hand pump with PSI gauge, Repair kit, Detachable fins and Deluxe Fiberglass Paddle. View on Amazon

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9'10" SUP Package

2-YEAR WARRANTY - 2-year manufacturers warranty which covers everything outside of normal wear & tear.
PORTABLE - Easy to store and transport. It is 9'10
PACKAGE DEAL - Includes board, pump, and 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle.
HIGHLY DURABLE - Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Never worry again about dings and board cracks. EXTREMELY RIGID - Weight limit of up to 350 lbs on the water.
When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board (can be inflated up to 15 PSI -but is stiff and ready to ride at 10 PSI). View on Amazon

Atoll 11'0" Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board, (6 Inches Thick, 32 inches wide) ISUP, Bravo Hand Pump and 3 Piece Paddle, Travel Backpack

You get 2 years manufacturers warranty and highest quality 100%,Become part of the fastest growing lifestyle sports in the world.
The paddleboard is 6 inch thick, 32 inches wide and 11 feet long. Tested and quality assured the SUP board is fully wrapped with second layer of PVC material top and bottom.
This creates a stiff, rigid and sturdy board with 14 D-rings on the deck to tie down anything you need.
It easily supports300 lbs and has a heavy-duty backpack nylon carry bag (large enough to fit pump, paddle, paddle board and ISUP repair kit. The mesh sides allow ISUP dry while being stored.
ISUP comes with 3nd Generation Black aluminum alloy adjustable 3 piece paddle with nylon blade. It has a detachable extra durable removable fin compatible with all universal fin boxes.
NEW Ultra Light Construction Dual layer PVC – 30% lighter than comparable models. Inflatable stand up paddle board come with High Pressure Bravo Dual Action 3rd generation hand pump, repair Kit, Front and Back Bungee Tie Downs travel backpack with waist strap.
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Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard With Accessories

The paddleboards maximum capacity is 250 lbs. The mesh backpack includes Paddle, removable seat, stainless steel tow rings, Hi pressure hand pump, pressure gauge, valve wrench, fin and board leash.
Measures 10'6" x 30" x 4" inflated The iSUP advantage, inflatable stand up Paddleboards are Super convenient
Large anti-skid EVA pads for secure footing
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PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Adjustable Paddle, Travel Backpack and Coil Leash, 126 x 31 x 6-Inch

30 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS – Risk Free Returns within 30 Days. It has an ULTRA DURABLE - Constructed with Military Grade PVC | 6” Thick - No More Dings or Damage.
INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Paddle, Carry Backpack, Coil Leash, High Pressure Pump. It has the BEST ALL AROUND iSUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable Shape, Great for• ULTIMATE ALL AROUND iSUP 
Rigid and Stable Shape, Great for All Skill Levels and Conditions All Skill Levels and Conditions.EXCLUSIVE DESIGN - Inflated: 10'6” x 31" x 6" | Supports Riders Up to 300 lbs. | Weight: 23 lbs
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PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9' 9" (5" Thick)

Includes: Adjustable aluminum paddle, pump, detachable center fin, carry bag (with shoulder straps), and valve wrench. Amazing Durability - PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch
Large deck pad, bungee for securing on-board cargo, and D-ring to attach a leash. Measures 9'9" long x 30" wide x 5" thick
Great for wide range of water and use conditions.
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Electric bikes consist of two wheels, three wheels and four wheelers. The functionality depends on the manufacturers design and purpose.
General characteristics are rechargeable storage batteries including plug in system and electric motors. Major manufacturers of electric bikes are Harley Davidson, Energica Motor Company and Yamaha.
Experimentation on battery life and power source includes lead/sodium silicate batteries, fuel cell prototypes and other variations. Although there are nickel-metal hybrids batteries modern motorcycles and scooters are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
The batteries are lightweight have good capacity and are ideal for electric bikes. The convenience of recharging using available wall outlets makes the product desirable. 
It is common knowledge that premium electric bike have similar capacity with gasoline powered bikes. Electric bike owners also enjoy lower fuel cost than gasoline powered bikes.
Another major advantage is the different in noise output between gasoline bikes and electric bikes. Electric bikes are infinitely quieter than their opposite and have featured in major motorsports races.

Top electric motorcycles for Kids

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The bike is appropriate for kids 13 years and above. It can accelerate up to 12 mile per hour and no pedals.
The bike is super quiet has a chain driven motor with a twist grip throttle control. The bike is a scaled down model of the popular off-road dirt track bikes.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The bike is recommended for 14 years and above. You get a cool 90 days warranty including powerful dual suspension attributes.
It has riser handlebars that deliver smooth comfortable ride. Other features include 15mph speed, powerful 500 watt electric motor and authentic dirt bike frame geometry. It is a scaled down version of electric motocross bikes.

Razor Dirt Quad - Black

This bike is recommended for 8 and above. It has 13’’ pneumatic knobby tires, twist grip acceleration control and front brush bar.
The bike design includes adjustable riser handlebars, terrain tracing droop with travel rear suspension and powerful coil shock absorbers for smooth ride. The new version looks real cool and mimics a miniature off-road dirt quad.

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

The bike measures 36 x 21 x 20 inches and can support 150 pounds. The manufacturers offer a 90 day warranty and the bike delivers 45 minutes ride time on 4-6 hours recharge.
The scaled-down miniature electric street bike has variable speed that achieves 15 miles per hour. The large 10 inch pneumatic tires provides a smooth ride and add a dramatic flare.

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket with Lighted Valve Stem, Red

electric bike

This bike has additional features such as dual suspension, adjustable riser handlebars, and valve stem that lights up. The Large knobby tires and hand operated rear brake adds character to the vehicle.
It speeds up to 12 miles per hour and is super quiet. The single speed, chain driven motor with a twist grip throttle control is exceptional. The Bike is a scaled down, battery-powered electric motor-cross dirt bike for off-road riding.

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

electric bike
Recommended for ages 14 and up and supports riders up to 175 pounds. It features dual suspension and riser handlebars. It has large pneumatic knobby tires, retractable kickstand, and hand operated dual disc brakes.
Complete with authentic McGrath graphics and fairing design. Other features are genuine dirt bike frame geometry and a high-torque with variable speed motor for a super-charged experience. The electric bike carries riders at speeds of up to 15 mph with 40 minutes of continuous use. Inspired by the top motocross rider in history, Jeremy McGrath!

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This bike is recommended for ages 16 and older (220-pound weight limit). It has a 90-day warranty including dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride.
The pneumatic knobby tires offer maximum power transfer; quiet variable-speed, chain-driven motor.  While the compact electric motocross bike with powerful 650-watt electric motor.
The bike carries riders at speeds of up to 17 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry

Pulse Performance Products Em-1000 E-Motorcycle

electric bike
This lovely bike offers 24-volt rechargeable battery system for a continuous ride time of up to 40 minutes
It is designed for riders 8 years and older and weighs up to 120 lbs.
The Heavy-duty steel frame improves durability while puncture-proof knobby front tire and air-filled rubber rear tire absorb bumps
It has Moto-inspired Instant Throttle Response (ITR) twist throttle and caliper hand brake enable superior control. 2-wheeled electric motorcycle with 100-watt chain driven motor and speeds up to 10 mph

Children would always gravitate towards fun activities such as riding bikes, skateboards or roller-skates. Such outdoors recreational activities are encouraged because of underlining advantages associated with such play.
It develops their motor skills, coordination and balance in a healthy fun way. However there are also underlining consequences such as falls, accidents and injury.
To reduce the prevalence of risk adults and teens should apply a bit of caution by using helmets. Bike helmets drastically reduce injuries in kids 70% especially to very sensitive areas like the skull.
Protecting your child requires standard protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads and helmet. Wearing a helmet is very most important and the easiest way to reduced bike related head injuries.
There are different manufacturers of safety bike helmets in the market. Before purchasing one make sure it conforms to basic safety standards. Here are top 10 bicycle helmets based on rating, brand and customer reviews.

A List of Bike Helmets for Kids

1.    Hello Kitty Helmet
2.    Bell Children Cars Speed Racer Multi-Sport
3.    Bell Sheild Child Helmet
4.    Razor V-17 Child Multi Sport Helmet
5.    Mongoose Boys Street Youth Skull Hardshell
6.    Mongoose Translucent Hardshell Youth Helmet
7.    Marvel Spiderman Hero
8.    Schwinn Youth Intercept
9.    Schwinn Infant Microshell
10.  Bell Toddler 3D Minnnie Me Bike Helmet

Bell Children Cars Speed Racer Multi-Sport Helmet

The helmet has multiple vents and a hard-shell designed. It features attractive cars motif that gives them a unique fun look.
The helmet is compliant with both ASTM- 1492 skate and CPSC bike and recommended for children 5-9.

Bell Toddler 3D Minnnie Me Bike Helmet

The helmet costs less than $25 and recommended for children 3-5. It has a cute design featuring the 3D animation character Minnie Mouse. Other features are pinch guard, CPSC bike compliance and elaborate fabric ears.

Schwinn Infant Microshell Helmet

It has internal padding, lower molded shell for additional safety. The shell has multiple vents for aeration.
The major advantage is the dial fit adjustment system with 100% adjustability. It fits snugly on younger children’s head because of this feature.

Schwinn Youth Intercept Helmet, Green

The green and black motif on the helmet is beautiful. It has cooling vents, removable visor and has a dial adjustable system and perfect fit for children7-11

Mongoose Youth Street Hardshell Helmet

The helmet has multiple vents for aeration. It has internal all round padding for total comfort.
Applicable to a verity of sports it uses an ABS shell for added protection .it is recommended for children 7-12 years.

Marvel Spiderman Hero

The helmet has Spiderman design and recommended for children 5+. It has vents to cool the child including CPSC and ASTM certification.
 Another safety feature is the Shock –absorbing inner shell and adjustable strap

Bell Shield Child Helmet

The bell shield helmet is best for children 5-8. It has multiple vents and CPSC bike, ASTM-1492 skate compliant. The helmet has multiple vents and internal padding including side squeeze buckles.

Mongoose Translucent Hardshell Youth Helmet

bike helmet
This beautiful helmet has an orange motif. Internal pad system keeps the child safe from head bumps and bruises.
It is ideal for multiple sports and has many vents for cooling. It provides adequate safety in a translucent hardshell structure.

Razor V-17 Child Multi Sport Helmet

The Razor V-17 is a premium helmet and has multiple vents. It also has ergonomic padding, side release buckles and ideal for different sports. The helmet features include cutting edge design and costs less than $18

Mongoose Boys Street Youth Skull Hardshell

It has a ghoulish frightful design and black finish. Suitable for multiple sports it has many vents to keep the child cool.
Other features are 360 degrees internal pad system. The hard outer shell adequately protects the child from head injury.

Once you go camping the next step is mode of relaxation. You spend considerable time lazing around in your hammock tent or foraging.
The type of hammock tent you choose will impact on the quality of relaxation. You need to choose a hammock that is easy to store, and install.
Hammocks are easier to assemble and provide better sleep than tents. In your tent you could decide on an airbed which is equally comfortable.
The main advantage of a hammock tent is the elevated position. Regardless of the campsite topography all you need is the perfect spot for your tent.
The simple hammock tent has evolved over the years into more than just a sleeping device. Some manufacturers have introduced storage areas, heat reflectors and other accessories.
 A hammock tent is not predominantly built for camps or hiking. They can be used on your patio, or outside your compound.

A List of Hammock Tents

•    Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent
•    Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Tent
•    Eclpse ll Camping Hammock Tent
•    EIALA Camping Hammock Mosquito Repellent Tent
•    Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic
•    Camping Hammock Mosqueto Net Tent
•    OUTAD Portable Parachute Nylon Tent
•    Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Tent
Price range
The price ranges for hammock tents are vastly different. You get tents as low as $29 to those priced at $650.
Before making your choice you need to understand the functionality and purpose of the manufacturers. Here is a list of 4 top hammock tent on Amazon
Top Hammock Tents to Consider

Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock

•    High strength hammock with 950 square inch No-see-Um bug net
•    Full length zipper
•    Carries 400ibs
•    Heavy duty triple stitched seam
•    Easy assembly and disassembly
•    Stainless steel snap links
•    Height adjuster and lightweight
•    Does not come with suspension straps
Tensile Stingray Tree Tent
•    Portable tree house tent
•    3 doors can accommodate 3 people
•    Made from polyester material
•    Storage internal pockets
•    Has two a aluminum featherite poles
•    14 x 14 floor space
•    Can carry 880ibs, removable flysheet
•    Floor made from nylon and polyester composite fabric
•    Fire resistant, rugged, has waterproof polyester.
Eclypse ll Backpacking Hammock
•    Made from high quality fabric
•    Adjustable suspension system
•    It has triple stitching for durability
•    Easy setup
•    Has adjustable suspension system
•    Polyester tee straps and extra wide tree straps
Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
•    Hybrid Tent/Hammock
•    Works elevated or on the ground
•    The hammock tent is lightweight and has bug netting
•    Easy to install and disassemble
•    Moderately priced, good quality
•    Durable waterproof best camping gear
•    Disadvantages include exit difficulty, poor breath-ability, not the typical hammock comfort.

Today’s world has become a global village with new endless possibilities. Along with the good aspects there are real and frightening dangers.
Kids have become vulnerable to different kinds of predators. Evil people abound and the safety of our kids should be paramount.
Our children are more independent and adventurous than ever before. So you need modern technology to monitor their movement and location.
Great leaps in technology have provided numerous solutions for personal safety. A new trend in child safety is the GPS tracker. They are compact, lightweight equipment that allows parents remotely monitor their wards.
Some manufacturers have made models that use Smartphone applications including 3G networks or wireless technology. While others use memory chips easily downloadable on a laptop or computer.

A List of GPS Trackers for Kids

•    Trax Play
•    Amber Alert GPS Child
•    Flip 2 GPS Watch
•    AngelSense GPS Tracker for Children
•    KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell
•    SpyTech Mini Real Time GPS Tracker
•    Circo Mini Portable GPS Tracker

KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Wearable for Kids & Children "All in One Security Solution", Black

You get real time tracking including an SOS button. It’s a cell phone as well as a gps tracker.
As a parent you have full control of incoming and outgoing calls. It is a Smartphone that comes in white or black colors with dimensions 2 x 3.5 x 0.75 including free shipping from Amazon.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

 best gps tracker for children
Get text or email when a person leaves an area (geo fencing). It requires a $25 a month | No activation or cancellation fees | No contracts.
The device tracks and map using Google Maps in real-time over the Internet. Compact size goes anywhere | Attaches to vehicle or belt | Insert in backpack. Perfect for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, elderly persons or assets.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Children with Special Needs, Location Alerts and Voice MonitoringCompatible with Apple iOS and Android Devices, Includes 1 Year Subscription

best gps tracker for children
You can listen in and monitor your child’s wellbeing and get alert from unknown locations. Monitor your child routes, locations the entire day.
It has special Runner Mode designed to find your child live 10 second updates. The device is designed for children with special needs including non-removable accessories for sensory sensitivity.

NEW VERSION TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Wearable tracker wrist Phone w/ GPS locator, Controlled by Apple and Android phone APP Including FREE Sim Card and Preloaded with $5 (blue)

It works with pay as you go plan. The Tick Talk comes with free GSM SIM Card, reloaded with 5.
It works with T- mobile network. To activate all you need to do is follow the sim card activation instructions.
The device is compatible with all iphones and android phones. The sim is compatible with T-mobile, Ultimate Mobile GSM Sim card and Metro PCS.
The locator uses wifi + GPS + LBS 3 way location for complete accurate info both outdoors and indoors. It reports current App location including updates and maps.
 This new version is fitted with touch screen technology, high resolution touch panel. Other features are touch and swipe control, large icon design, easy for kids to use.
You get two way communication between phone and device including 13 contacts. No contract and a $5 preload come with the order.

$5 Prepaid GSM Sim Card for GPS Tracking Devices Locators

No Activation fee NO Contract NO Credit Check. Supports GPS tracking devices and is used to track children, pets, senior citizens and vehicles.
It works in partnership with T-mobile network. The free prepaid sim requires a minimum amount of airtime monthly and the SIM is precut into 3 sizes.
You get $5 Preloaded 30-Day wireless service at 2¢ per VOICE TEXT & 2¢/MB nationwide 2G 3G & 4G LTE Data. That's 250 minutes talk or 250 texts or 250 MB Data.

Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker in White - GPS Tracking Device + Magnetic Clip

best gps tracker for children
Tracks up to 2 weeks - battery display the Battery life of the Micro GPS Tracker. This indicator will let you know if the Micro Tracker needs to be charged.
No installation and can be accessed from any PC, MAC, Smartphone, tablet, or iPAD. There are no contracts to sign or any requirement to prepay multiple months of monitoring.
You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Reports may be provided that include a Breadcrumb Trail, excessive speeds, hard braking, motion detection, and more.
Reports may be provided via text message and/or email. The software will display the miles per hour as well as allow the user to designate any perimeters.

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