8 Mar 2017

Best Tricycles for kids


The best bikes for Kid’s 1-2 years are tricycles. They are very safe, fun to ride, easy to learn and affordable.
Kids that start with tricycles develop the confidence and easily transition to trainer bikes or regular bikes. At early age they are bundles of energy and can ride the tricycles for long periods uninterrupted.
The mobility affords both inside and outside play with little supervision. Toddlers are keen studies of human behavior and develop an interest in bikes as early as 18 months.
Tricycles are basically toys with wheels and they will provide lots of outdoors and in-doors fun for the kid. They also inadvertently develop the child’s coordination, balance, core and leg muscles.
And the fun part is they weigh next to nothing and are ideal for camping, vacations and holiday trips.
The Best Tricycles for 12months -2 year old

Kinderfeets TinyTot Tricycle

This truly unique bike is made from bamboo material. Bamboo is relatively strong, durable yet flexible type of material.
The tricycle is fitted with large wheels that affords smoother and faster ride. The kid will love the big bike feel while cruising around on his vehicle.

 Hape Scoot Around Ride-On

The manufacturers have fitted 4 wheels for added stability. Although 4 wheels provide great stability we prefer giving the child a 3 wheel challenge.
The major attraction to Hape Scoot is it easy outdoors application. They are safe for outdoor play. Another advantage is that it is made from forest wood.

Wishbone 3-in-1 Tricycle

We love this tricycle because of the manufacturer’s clever design. You can convert the tricycle into a 2 wheeler as the kid develops the talent.
It easily converts to a toddlers balance bike to pre-school bike. The bike is ideal for 13 month old kids and durable.

Early Rider Spherolvelo Ride-On

The main feature is the inclusion of stabilizers. Stabilizers provide additional balance and easy movement. They help the kid improve motor skills including balance and core strength.
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Schylling Scuttlebug Tricycle

This tricycle is fitted with soft wheels ideal for inside play. The tri-pod design help the kid develop balance and coordination. Schylling is easily folded and package for distant trips and vacations.
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Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike

This tricycle is a premium brand with lots of character. It is made from long lasting metal frame and has shock absorbing tires.
Other features include soft grip handles and mud guards on each wheel. The seat provides optimum comfort while the pedals are easy to operate.
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Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle

The Radio Flyer Classic is made from solid metal frame. It features sturdy pedals for traction and an adjustable seat.
The solid frame and shock absorbing tires provides adequate balance and safety. The tricycle colors have red and chrome elements.
It is also fitted with a built-in handle for parents to take the kid for a walk. The tricycle attracts premium price based on its quality, adaptability and durability.


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